Trailer Park Thursday: “Back Roads” and “Maine”

The Tribeca Film Festival, created in part by Robert De Niro while in a particularly “New York State of Mind,” has come to fill the …


Richard E. Grant Makes “Hudson Hawk” Worth Watching

I love early 90s cinema. It’s a side effect of being born in the early 80s and growing up with John Hughes movies and a …


Lucas Hedges is Having a Great Year

At only twenty-one, Lucas Hedges has already proven to be a versatile (and Oscar-nominated) actor, showing skill and craft far beyond what most veteran actors …

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Modern Expressionism According to Wong Kar-wai and Hou Hsiao-hsien

It’s fascinating to consider how we remember a film — what sticks, if you will, as time passes. For me, it’s expressive color palates, eccentric …


The Magic of Maya Deren

When Maya Deren first picked up a movie camera, she said it was “like coming home.” In 1943, equipped with a 16mm Bolex and a …


Authorship, Auteur Theory, and the Troubled Production of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Auteur theory, which suggests that a director is the main author of a film, receives plenty of fair criticism. For example, what would a Spielberg film …

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“Macario” is the Essential Day of the Dead Film

Cinema is no stranger to the Day of the Dead. One need look no further than recent animated films like Pixar’s Coco or Guillermo del …


Weekend Movie Guide: November 2-4, 2018

This week in theaters, a little girl saves a fantasy world, Tiffany Haddish hunts a catfish, a teenaged boy is shipped off to be “cured,” …

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Melissa McCarthy Gets Meta

Melissa McCarthy is a comedy goddess who has forged her reputation by breathing unexpected life, humor, and charm into shallow characters and thin premises. The …


Jack Kerouac on Film

Seldom has an author become so entangled with the romance and mythology of their work as Jack Kerouac. But the cult of personality that rose …

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