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The Many Shades of Adam Driver

Adam Driver has rarely looked that different between roles throughout his career. His face is always immediately recognizable and most of his characters seem quiet …

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The Duality of Rock Hudson

In his career’s final decade, Rock Hudson, not unlike a number of aging but venerated studio titans of his generation, found steady work on the …

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Staff Picks: It’s a Family Affair

There’s no antidote for pre-holiday angst like watching movies about other families who are far more dysfunctional than your own! In anticipation of the many …

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“Reality Bites” vs. Reality

I was around eleven years old when Reality Bites was released back in 1994, and at that time, it was my favorite movie. I loved …


The Visuals of “Hero” Will Never Be Beat

Zhang Yimou has always had a thing for color. From the image of a crimson caravan bobbing through a field of grass in Red Sorghum to …

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Fandor’s Favorite Film Podcasts

Here at Fandor, we eat, breathe, watch, and listen to films. And a healthy dose of film podcasts is a big part of our balanced …

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How Do Directors Follow Up Their Oscar-Winning Films?

In both 2014 and 2017 we were treated to two pairs of auteur directors fighting it out for Best Picture at the Academy Awards; in …

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6 Movie Characters that are Constantly Re-Cast

With Hollywood’s endless array of remakes and reboots, different actors are often given the opportunity to the play same role. Any good actor will bring …


Weekend Movie Guide: November 9-11, 2018

Before we launch into this weekend’s new movies, we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention The Front Runner, which had a limited release …


Was 2018 the Return, or the Death, of Mid-Budget Movies?

When we look back on 2018, we might see it as the year the mid-budget movie died, or the time they made a Lady Gaga-anthem-sized …

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