Martin Scorsese

ATLANTIS (2019, directed by Valentyn Vasyanovych)
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Curator’s Pick: “Atlantis”

“Well, the industry is over,” Martin Scorsese recently declared… In his final Keyframe column, Steve Dollar discovers unexpected encouragement in Valentyn Vasyanovych’s 2019 dystopian Ukrainian drama.

TOKYO FIST (1995) is Shinya Tsukamoto's RAGING BULL
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“Tokyo Fist” and the Gonzo Cinema of Shinya Tsukamoto

Tsukamoto’s RAGING BULL more or less, TOKYO FIST’s often surreal and disorienting saga brings a fraught romantic triangle to the boxing ring, where passions, regrets and revenge are played out as ferocious bloodsport. The lyric “Love will tear us apart, again” has never rung truer…

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Language of the Image: Michael Ballhaus

How many filmmakers can say that they helped revive a young Martin Scorsese’s career? German cinematographer, Michael Ballhaus, was among those few; his talents helped …

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Strange Scorsese: ‘The Age of Innocence’

Martin Scorsese was first given Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence in 1980, he didn’t crack open the cover and go through its pages until …

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Why “Goodfellas” is the Quintessential Crime Film

Many directors have that one defining film. But what film defines Martin Scorsese? The legendary director has a body of work that includes incredible achievements …

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Scorsese’s Steadicam

Martin Scorsese’s films have a visual muscularity to them, and his use of the Steadicam is peerless in its virtuosity. Scorsese’s Steadicam swirls and swoops …

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