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Moon Rock for Monday

‘Moon Rock for Monday’ Is a Different Kind of Road Movie

From writer-director Kurt Martin, Moon Rock for Monday is a fresh mix of the road, coming of age, and criminals on the run genres. Martin …


Broken Vows: Stories of Separation | Resource Volume 4 | Relationships

Lisa Pelletier discusses the role of sex therapists. For more information and resources related to Broken Vows: Stories of Separation, visit brokenvowsfilm.com. Broken Vows: Stories of Separation, the …

Blood film poster

My Childhood – Ukrainian film trilogy

Introduction When the Ukrainian team of the international film trilogy My Childhood began to work on the project, the authors could not even imagine that …


Broken Vows: Stories of Separation | Resource Volume 3 | Domestic

Bev Lemay provides insights on the characteristics of domestic abuse. Bill Eddy discusses the development of “New Ways for Families.” For more information and resources …


Carnival of Souls

Ever been haunted by a dream? Surviving a freak accident, a musician sits at a massive pipe organ, playing thick tones that hover between harmony …


Interview with Father Pedro Opeka

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Father Pedro Opeka declined an opportunity to play professional soccer in his native Buenos Aires. He chose instead to become a …


Let the Right One In: MIKEY AND NICKY

Watching Elaine May’s Mikey and Nicky (1976) for the first time is like driving at night through an unfamiliar route full of curves and cliffs. …

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