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The New Canon: ‘City of God’

The city of God famously starts with a chicken making a desperate getaway from a cooking pot. The rapid-fire editing and percussive, intense action set …

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What ‘The Right Stuff’ Gets Right

The early years of the American air and space programs saw a plethora of technological leaps and bounds, due in large part to a mixture …

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The Last Thing You’ll Hear

When a film ends, it’s the last line of dialogue that lingers in the mind. At least, for us. There are final lines of dialogue …

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How ‘Halloween’ Became a Horror Classic

In 1978, John Carpenter released Halloween, introducing the world to the silent and horrifying serial killer, Michael Myers. Carpenter’s film was a game-changer and kicked …

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‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is the Ultimate Halloween Musical

The Nightmare Before Christmas, or the best Tim Burton movie that Burton didn’t direct, hit theaters in 1993. Helmed by Coraline director Henry Selick, the …

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