Christopher Lee

Under the Skin (2013, directed by Jonathan Glazer)

What, Me Worry (About Horror)?

Do you want to see something REALLY scary? It’s the question of the month. And the answer is yes—emphatically yes. But what terrifies you might not faze me at all…


Fandor Focus: Creature Features

by Jake Rubenstein    Since the dawn of filmmaking, creature features have grown to be some of the most essential works of science fiction, fantasy, …

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Horror Express (1972)

Christopher Lee stars as a British anthropologist who must transport a mysterious frozen specimen on the Trans-Siberian Express. When passengers wind up dead, he soon …

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The House that Dripped Blood (1971)

A review of the files of the local policeman shows that everyone who has owned a particular mansion has died in a horrible fashion.

In Search of Dracula
FilmsWatch Horror Movies Online Free

In Search of Dracula (1974)

Moving easily between history, myth and fiction, IN SEARCH OF DRACULA turns up a trove of vampire lore.

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