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Free Films of the Week: August ’22

As we head into the Dog Days of Summer, Fandor is heating up! From modern coming-of-age dramedies to psychological slashers that bask in the smell …

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Interview with Chris Chesson & Georgette Angelos, Executive Producers of “Boston George”

First off, I wanted to personally thank both of you for taking the time out of your day to chat with us about your newly …

What’s New on Fandor?

Boston George: Famous Without the Fortune | Coming to Fandor Next Week!

The first two episodes of Boston George: Famous Without the Fortune will premiere next Friday, July 22 on Fandor.com. Video by Luis Azevedo George Jung …

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Boston George: Fame, No Fortune, Lots of Footage

by Don Stradley When George Jung saw Blow, the 2001 film biography of his life starring Johnny Depp, he claimed it made him cry. “It’s like …

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Ep. 77: Georgette Angelos & Chris Chesson, Exec Producer’s – “Boston George: Famous Without the Fortune”

Georgette Angelos: Born in South Florida, Georgette moved to Los Angeles to pursue her love of photography. Working as the house photographer for Silverback Music …

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New Crime Releases | Now Available on Fandor

Fandor shines the spotlight on our new crime releases that are now showing on our independent platform. Video by Philip Brubaker. Featured Titles include: – …

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Small Town Murder Songs: A Quiet Thriller You Probably Missed

By Don Stradley  There’s something about Walter the police chief that isn’t right. As played by Peter Stormare in Small Town Murder Songs, he’s a …

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Findor: A Sharksploitation Extravaganza | Now Featured On Fandor

Jam packed with both cult classics and modern chompers, Findor turns up the Summer heat with a sharksploitation extravaganza! Watch now on our featured playlist. …

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Sleeze Lake: Vanlife at its Lowest and Best

by Don Stradley Sleeze Lake is a nostalgic look back at the days when everybody owned a van. Well, not everybody. If we’re to believe this …

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Free Film of the Week: July ’22

Kicking off this month’s Free Film of The Week comes a madness-infused sharksploitation extravaganza. Whether it be a Roger Corman classic or an Italian shark …

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Coming Soon to Fandor: Boston George

BOSTON GEORGE: FAMOUS WITHOUT THE FORTUNE, the five-part outlaw docuseries is coming to Fandor on July 22nd.   ABOUT THE SERIES: George Jung spent his …

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Pride Month Feature-Length Films

Fandor celebrates Pride Month, with documentaries and features now showing on Fandor. Watch now: https://www.fandor.com/category-movie/196/featured/ Video by Philip Brubaker. Featured titles include: Soft Lad (2014), …

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