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Film School 101

Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 40: Renny & Boston McConnaughey, Filmmakers

The team sits down with Renny & Boston McConnaughey, Filmmakers, Director, and Star of “Alien Country.” We’ll be checking back in with the duo as …


Greta Gerwig Writes What She Knows (and She Knows a Lot)

In the past decade, Greta Gerwig has transformed from an on-screen indie darling into one of cinema’s most promising filmmakers. While it’s clear she shares …


What Does Food Say About a Character?

We all have a favorite food scene. Whether you fancy the prison feast in Goodfellas, the Big Kahuna burger confrontation in Pulp Fiction, or maybe …


The Final Shot: Fade to White

What does it mean when a filmmaker doesn’t fade to black, but fades to white?

Cannes Film Festival

Learn how to edit film like a pro

There is something tantalizing about falling in love with someone from another country, someone whose mind has yet to be saturated by our American bullshit. …


A Short History of Addiction in Cinema

Cinema, more often than not, is the most sincere art form. It has the advantage over other mediums because it offers an almost complete sensory …


Phantom Body Horror in Cinema

When you think of “body horror” in the movies, what comes to mind? Cronenberg’s The Fly, or Lynch’s Eraserhead? Maybe Tokyo Gore Police, Ichi the …


Back to School: A Fandor Introduction to Filmmaking

Whether you’re currently a student or just wish you were, summer’s last gasp will always be a reminder that it’s back-to-school season. As August flickers …


Should Cinema be Required Learning?

As the world becomes more and more visual—whether it’s the stories we watch, the advertisements we are shown, the news we are told, or the …


What Makes a Book Impossible to Adapt?

When Annihilation was announced we at Fandor, like many other fans of writer Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy, asked ourselves, “How the hell are they …


“Annihilation” and Why Some of Your Favorite Movies Were Made to Fail

Unlike for the rest of us, winter happens twice a year in Hollywood: January through February, and late-August through September. These stretches—tellingly dubbed “dump months” …


The Birth of the Romantic Comedy

The words “How would Lubitsch do it?” were posted above director Billy Wilder’s desk. Whenever he felt stuck while writing films like The Apartment or …

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