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Our vast library have you overwhelmed? We’re focusing in on select recommended titles from the Fandor Library. Take a second look as gems you might have missed, or go deeper with standouts you loved.


Fandor Focus: Eurotrash

by Jake Rubenstein    Often deemed some of the most controversial films to ever grace the big (or small) screen, European shock-exploitation cinema, or Eurotrash …


Fandor Focus: Spaghetti Westerns

By Jake Rubenstein  Often described as a broad genre of Western films that surfaced from Italy and other select regions of Europe, the Spaghetti Western …


FANDOR FOCUS: Abel Ferrara 

By Jake Rubenstein  Within the Grindhouse and exploitation subgenres, one name that has always been synonymous with Gritty New York filmmaking of the 1970s into …


FANDOR FOCUS: Gritty New York

By Jake Rubenstein  For centuries the Big Apple has served as a culturally diverse beacon with the promise of opportunity for all who seek a …


FANDOR FOCUS: Weird Christmas

By Jake Rubenstein  Are those sleigh bells I hear? That must mean it’s the best time of year! With so much to look forward to …


FANDOR FOCUS: Guillermo Del Toro’s Love of Film Noir

By Jake Rubenstein  Now that awards season is quickly approaching, the end of the year has yet again turned into a fiery race with one …


Fandor Focus: Slashers of the 1980s

by Jake Rubenstein    Often considered one of the most infamous subgenres within the scope of horror, or perhaps even cinema as a whole, the slasher …


FANDOR FOCUS: Vigilante Films

By Jake Rubenstein  For centuries society has utilized a set of laws and standards to uphold the integrity, safety, and morals of citizens. However, we …


1950s Film Noir Classics To Watch this Weekend

Often described as one of the great staples of cinematic excellence, “Film Noir” is the timeless style of filmmaking best characterized by thematic elements of contemptuous protagonists, stark …


The Labors of Love: On Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Fitzcarraldo, and Cobra Verde

Werner Herzog announced himself as a bold, incomparable voice in world cinema with his 1972 feature Aguirre, the Wrath of God, a film that, despite …


FANDOR FOCUS: The Land of Eccentrics

At one time documentaries were usually socio-political in nature, telling stories that had to be told. In more recent times, documentaries are more likely to …

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