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A Shock to the System – An Ode To The Killing of Yuppies

The man in A Shock to the System relates to his surroundings with weariness and frustration. He lives in a pricey suburb with his pushy …


Sherman’s March

By Elias Savada I have just revisited a film I first saw half a lifetime ago. Around the 13,070th day after my birth, I walked …


The Driller Killer

By Don Stradley It’s New York in the late 1970s, a time of punk rock and garbage strikes, of Ed Koch and Son of Sam,  …


Wake in Fright

By Don Stradley From a certain viewpoint, the story of John Grant is one of those potboilers where a highly educated fellow is forced to …


A Girl Like Her is a New Look at Bullying

By Caroline Madden Stories about bullying are typically told through hard-hitting documentaries or tear-jerking dramas; Amy S. Weber’s A Girl Like Her combines both genres …


The River Advocates Change for People Without Homes

Homelessness is a widespread social problem that many choose to ignore. The River, a new documentary from Rick Walters, faces the issue head-on in an …

Award Winning

Locked in Quarantine with an Intruder: Into Schrodinger’s Box

Imagine the following scene: It’s the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and you’ve just returned home from an international trip. It’s getting late. You’re …



When Frank Sinatra’s performance in From Here to Eternity earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, he found himself in the plum position of …


The Big Combo

John Alton’s movies are the real deal. To understand why this cinematographer has a devoted following, go back to many of the film noir classics …


The American Film Institute Celebrates Film Across Time 

By Caroline Madden For over fifty years, the American Film Institute has been one of the most important organizations for the cultivation and preservation of …

Film still of Scarlet Street

Scarlet Street (1945) — The Darkest of Film Noir Cons

With Scarlet Street (1945), Fritz Lang delivered one of the darkest films in the film noir genre. Banned in 1946 in New York, Milwaukee, and …


Behind Closed Doors: Brian Yuzna’s Society (1989)

Society begins with a series of promises.  A teen boy – Bill Whitney, played by future Baywatch heartthrob Billy Warlock – stumbles through a darkened …

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