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Pride Month on Fandor

By Gary M. Kramer  June is Pride Month, and what better way to celebrate than by watching LGBTQ+ films?! The silver screen can be a …

Moon Rock for Monday

‘Moon Rock for Monday’ Is a Different Kind of Road Movie

From writer-director Kurt Martin, Moon Rock for Monday is a fresh mix of the road, coming of age, and criminals on the run genres. Martin …


Broken Vows: Stories of Separation | Resource Volume 4 | Relationships

Lisa Pelletier discusses the role of sex therapists. For more information and resources related to Broken Vows: Stories of Separation, visit brokenvowsfilm.com. Broken Vows: Stories of Separation, the …


Heavy Petting Shows How Teen Life Has Changed — And Stayed the Same

By Caroline Madden  Heavy Petting is a 1989 concise and peppy documentary from producer-director Obie Benz and co-director Joshua Waletzky that interviews celebrities about their …

Blood film poster

My Childhood – Ukrainian film trilogy

Introduction When the Ukrainian team of the international film trilogy My Childhood began to work on the project, the authors could not even imagine that …


Broken Vows: Stories of Separation | Resource Volume 3 | Domestic

Bev Lemay provides insights on the characteristics of domestic abuse. Bill Eddy discusses the development of “New Ways for Families.” For more information and resources …


[Review] Guy Maddin’s Keyhole (2011)

By Gary M. Kramer  Guy Maddin’s distinctive brand of cinema is so gleefully imaginative that fans of this cult filmmaker can become drunk with giddiness …

Headshot of filmmaker Sunnie McFadden-Curtis

Interview with Sunnie McFadden-Curtis – Director of Broken Vows: Stories of Separation

Filmmaker and actress Sunnie McFadden-Curtis is an undeniable talent on both sides of the camera, never more present than in the captivating 2020 documentary, Broken …


Broken Vows: Stories of Separation | Resource Volume 2 | Legal

John P. Schuman provides information on the legal side of families navigating separation. Justice Robert Spence provides information on the legal side of families navigating …


Theodore Collatos

The writer/director/producer Theodore Collatos, along with his wife/producer Carolina Monnerat, founded Brokenhorse Films, a production company that creates microbudget films.   Collatos shoots in a raw …


Of Human Bondage – Bette Breaks Out

By Don Stradley It is impossible to name the single best Bette Davis movie  – between 1931 and 1989 she made more than 100 of …


Women in Film: Lynne Sachs

Interview by Caroline Madden  Lynne Sachs is one of our most dynamic filmmakers and poets. Her captivating work is a medley of documentaries, essay films, …

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