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Watch free streaming Kung Fu movies online at Fandor.com to get your martial arts entertainment fix! Watch martial arts films in English, or in their respective languages with your choice of subtitles.
We have classics such as Fist of Fury, Land of Hunted Men, and The Prodigal Boxer.
Browse action-packed martial arts films such as Shadow: Dead Riot, Shock Wave, Kung Fu Traveler 1&2, or Karate Girl to keep you on the edge of your seat.
Looking for Kung Fu movies with a bit more comedy? We have those too! Martial arts films like Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead or Isle of the Snake People are filled with hilarity.
Check out our selections below!

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Indies Go Hollywood

When a director manages to make a great movie with a small budget, one of the first questions a fan asks themselves is, “What could …

ArchiveArticleWatch Kung Fu Movies Online

Daily | Welles, Levinson, Swanberg

The Magnificent Ambersons “Personally speaking,” writes Kent Jones for the Metrograph, “my own life would be different if the world contained such an object as …

ArchiveArticleWatch Kung Fu Movies Online

Noisemaker: The Amazing Life and Premature Death of 3D

“No sooner did sound film appear than bluff triumphed over quality.” — Rudolf Arnheim At last month’s Comic-Con, Francis Coppola debuted some scenes from Twixt, …

ArchiveArticleWatch Kung Fu Movies OnlineWatch Kung Fu Movies Online

Ghosts and Exiles Rule at Rotterdam

  How fitting that the International Film Festival Rotterdam awards dinner took place at Tai Woo, the city’s pre-eminent Chinese restaurant, as Asian films copped …

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