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“Hale County This Morning, This Evening,” and Right Now

It would be very easy to call RaMell Ross’s new documentary Hale County This Morning, This Evening a visual poem — not only is it one …


Weekend Movie Guide: September 14-16

All right, everyone, it’s time to get serious. Telluride is over, TIFF is in full swing, and you’re about to have some serious FOMO if …


Trailer Park Thursday: “I Am Not A Witch” and “The Wind”

This week in the Trailer Park, we’re looking at previews for three auspicious debut features. All focus on young women in opposition to the environmental …


Weekend Movie Guide: September 7-9

Fall film festival season may be nigh upon us, but this weekend is kind of the calm before the storm. And as far as new …


Trailer Park Thursday: “Hale County This Morning, This Evening” and “First Man”

What exactly makes America great? Maybe the better question is, how do we measure greatness? Is it by how we spend our money and allocate …


Trailer Park Thursday: “Suspiria,” “Slice,” “Roma,” and “Ben is Back”

Call it that back-to-school spirit, or call it Virgo season, but this week we just couldn’t help ourselves. We had so much fun covering four …


“Searching” Finds its Audience

New forms of cinematic storytelling often follow a pattern: Filmmakers introduce a new style that audiences respond to, inevitably leading to a slew of imitations. …


Trailer Park Thursday: “The Wild Boys” and “Widows”

Women’s roles are vastly outnumbered by those for men in Hollywood — it’s been proven. But judging by the fall release schedule and the amazing …


Going Mad for “Madeline’s Madeline”

Madeline is a teen who struggles with an unnamed mental illness but shines as a member of a physical theater company, a creatively generative environment …


“BlacKkKlansman” Asks, What Decade is This?

It’s no coincidence that the release of BlacKkKlansman coincides with the anniversary of the Charlottesville riots. From the opening shot, the audience is acutely aware …

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