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Fandor Focus: Women Directors

by Jake Rubenstein   As this month’s celebration of women in film continues, we’ll be shifting the focus to women filmmakers that serve as the true …


Fandor Focus: Women in Film

by Jake Rubenstein  Throughout the history of cinema, the representation of women has proved to be essential for filmmakers, movie-goers, and generations of individuals around …


Fandor Focus: International Gems

by Jake Rubenstein  Since its inception, communities around the globe have utilized the cinematic experience as a supreme form of expressionism that traverses written language. …

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Fandor Focus: Blaxploitation Cinema

by Jake Rubenstein   Deriving from the United States in the early 1970s, blaxploitation cinema remains a beloved cultural landmark for genre filmmaking to this very …

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Fandor Focus: Fred Williamson

by Jake Rubenstein   Known for his nickname, “The Hammer,” and often considered to be one of the shining lights of cult genre cinema, specifically within …

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Fandor Focus: George A. Romero

by Jake Rubenstein   Although horror has been around for ages, and has treated society with an onslaught of immense talent amongst actors and filmmakers alike, …

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Fandor Focus: Grindhouse Cinema

by Jake Rubenstein  For over half a century, theatergoers around the globe have witnessed a monumental shift within the cinematic experience. With a majority of …

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Fandor Focus: Eurotrash

by Jake Rubenstein   Often deemed some of the most controversial films to ever grace the big (or small) screen, European shock-exploitation cinema, or Eurotrash for …


Fandor Focus: Spaghetti Westerns

By Jake Rubenstein  Often described as a broad genre of Western films that surfaced from Italy and other select regions of Europe, the Spaghetti Western …

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FANDOR FOCUS: Abel Ferrara 

By Jake Rubenstein  Within the Grindhouse and exploitation subgenres, one name that has always been synonymous with Gritty New York filmmaking of the 1970s into …

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