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WATCH – Mountain – Sea Of Fire

Mountain, featuring guitarist extraordinaire Leslie West and drummer Corky Laing, in concert.


WATCH – Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes: Restored & Uncut

In this Hitchcock classic, passengers on a train are delayed by an avalanche and must crowd together at the only inn in town. When the train finally departs, a middle aged English governess named Miss Froy (Dame May Whitty) appears to be missing.



A high heel mother shoe survives and brings up her daughter shoe in an authoritarian world dominated by male loafers.

FilmsWatch Classic Movies Online

WATCH – Stagecoach: The Original 1939 John Wayne Classic

A stagecoach sets off across the wilderness carrying an assortment of characters whose journey is complicated by an Apache raiding party. Directed by John Ford, this 1939 classic is recognized as one of the most influential films ever made.


WATCH – Strike Commando

Writer/director Bruno Mattei borrowed from RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II and more to create their own mind-blowing ‘Namsploitation masterpiece.


WATCH – Myopia

Fatem, sixth month pregnant, leaves her village perched in the mountains, to fill a frame with empty glasses for the elder of her village. She moves from station to station to arrive in town in the middle of a protest.


WATCH – Strike Commando 2

Director Bruno Mattei returns to the Philippine jungles with a higher budget, bigger action and Richard Harris for a crowd-pleaser that shamelessly borrows from APOCALYPSE NOW, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and RAMBO.


WATCH – Superstars: The Documentary (Extended Version)

“Superstars”, a feature length documentary about the making of the original “Jesus Christ Superstar” theatrical movie.


WATCH – The Melvins – The Colossus Of Destiny: A Melvins Tale

This documentary follows the band’s history, with rare behind-the-scenes both past and present.


WATCH – The Fourth Victim

Academy Award® nominated Carroll Baker stars as the new bride of a wealthy British playboy (Oscar® nominee Michael Craig of THE ANGRY SILENCE & MYSTERIOUS ISLAND) whose three previous wives met with suspiciously accidental deaths.

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