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If you are a movie nerd and want to take your cinephilia to the next level, we are sure you might have tried to make your own film or short film. And we might ask you, do you want to become a successful filmmaker? If yes, we are sure that you have watched a good number of films from every genre.
The first thing you need to do is improve your knowledge and understanding of filmmaking to pick up all the necessary skills by watching more films and learning everything about filmmaking.
All the film creators have distinct patterns that you can easily see all across their work. To develop that kind of special pattern, you will need to learn different creative skills. You can do that with the help of a platform like Fandor, that not only allows you to stream your favorite movies online for free but also gives you access to read and learn everything about filmmaking.
From learning film sequences to understanding film language and editing films like a professional to choosing the best equipment for filmmaking, Fandor’s film school provides you with online guides and tutorials that explain everything from start to finish.
If you want to deepen your understanding of filmmaking and start your journey as a filmmaker visit our online Film School 101 and get detailed information.

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Daily | Film Comment, [in]Transition, Audiovisual Essay

Previewing NYFF52 The new issue of Film Comment features what’s billed as an “All-Star New York Film Festival Preview” and three pieces from that package …

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American Dreams and American Obstinance

‘The Business of America’ According to the 1984 film The Business of America, the “American Dream” died in 1982. When a U.S. Steel plant began layoffs …

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Daily | Film-Philosophy, Seventh Art, Sight & Sound

Fritz Lang’s ‘Secret Beyond the Door…’ (1947) The new “rolling issue” of Film-Philosophy—like the universe, Vol. 18 will just carry on expanding—opens with a section …

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‘Cartoon College’ The creative impulse is among the most mysterious and attractive impulses on earth. Inspiration can generate an urgency to express ideas, explore facets …

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‘Trouble Every Day’ A woman necks passionately with a man in a car. On a plane, a husband kisses the forearm of his wife. A …

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The Edit: Dancing to the Same Tune

‘Contraband’ The story about Martin Scorsese’s After Hours is that nobody involved with the film could figure out how it ought to end, until Michael …

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Sex in Cinema: Surprises from the Archives

How much sex can you handle? We were overwhelmed by just how much we found in our odyssey to create a Sex in Cinema infographic …

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Daily | Art and Cinema

One of four covers With each new issue, the Brooklyn Rail asks a guest editor (or two) to take over a section it calls “Critic’s …

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Beyond Bechdel: Testing Feminism in Film

Director Richard Linklater, about to steal a dead woman’s purse in ‘Slacker’ The Fandor website has a page that lists all of its films that …

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The Art of Filmmaking: Jan Troell

‘The Last Sentence’ Last autumn, the great Swedish filmmaker Jan Troell visited the Bay Area for a screening of his latest narrative feature, The Last …

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