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Everything You Need to Know from this Year’s Sundance

Though a slew of notable films and talented filmmakers comprised the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, the biggest headline is, perhaps, the fact that there is …

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Sundance and The Last Best Place

In 2016, Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women premiered at Sundance to wide acclaim. While her gentle exercise in interconnectedness mainly focuses on four characters–played by Laura …

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Fandor’s Top Ten Wild Guesses from Sundance

One of our favorite things about film (and one of the things we get to indulge least frequently) is the element of surprise. It’s literally …

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Daily | NYFF 2016 | Projections

Joshua Solondz’s ‘Luna e Santur’ courtesy of the Toronto International Film Festival There are a total of eleven programs in the New York Film Festival‘s …

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Daily | Toronto 2016 | Werner Herzog’s SALT AND FIRE

Throughout their correspondence at the Notebook during this year’s Toronto Film Festival, Fernando F. Croce and Daniel Kasman have rarely dwelled on the same film. …

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Daily | Toronto 2016 | Kim Jee-woon’s THE AGE OF SHADOWS

“Korean theaters have become inundated with films set during the Japanese Colonial period over the last year or so,” begins Pierce Conran at Screen Anarchy, …

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Daily | Toronto 2016 | Walter Hill’s (RE)ASSIGNMENT

“A potential powder keg of (trans)gender politics provided anybody ever actually sees it after its TIFF premiere,” begins Adam Nayman at CinemaScope, “Walter Hill’s (Re)Assignment …

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Why Festivals? MOONLIGHT in Toronto.

It had been a long time since I traveled very far to a film festival, and the last time I was in eastern Canada for …

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Daily | Toronto 2016 | Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s DAGUERROTYPE

Kiyoshi Kurosawa makes a surprising venture into French-language cinema,” begins Nicholas Bell at Ioncinema. The title, Daguerrotype, “invokes the first publicly known type of photographic …

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Daily | Toronto 2016 | Ewan McGregor’s AMERICAN PASTORAL

“One of the most perceptive novels of the 20th century becomes one of the most ill-conceived movies of the 21st as Ewan McGregor tries his …

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