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Locked in Quarantine with an Intruder: Into Schrodinger’s Box

Imagine the following scene: It’s the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and you’ve just returned home from an international trip. It’s getting late. You’re …

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1950s Film Noir Classics To Watch this Weekend

Often described as one of the great staples of cinematic excellence, “Film Noir” is the timeless style of filmmaking best characterized by thematic elements of contemptuous protagonists, stark …

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The American Film Institute Celebrates Film Across Time 

By Caroline Madden For over fifty years, the American Film Institute has been one of the most important organizations for the cultivation and preservation of …

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The New Canon: ‘Carol’

We’re used to the global fandom reserved for those huge “four-quadrant” blockbusters that dominate pop culture discourse. What’s far less common are displays of public …

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Behind Closed Doors: Brian Yuzna’s Society (1989)

Society begins with a series of promises.  A teen boy – Bill Whitney, played by future Baywatch heartthrob Billy Warlock – stumbles through a darkened …

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Beware of Grown Men Sleeping in Cribs

The Baby is chilling Ted Post’s The Baby came at a time when children in movies were possessed by devils, dabbled in drugs, had multiple personalities, …

film poster Ms. 45
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Ms. 45

A forgotten gem  The characters in Abel Ferrara’s early movies kill with the frequency of teens that have just discovered a new high. They don’t …

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Cheap Thrills

While watching Cheap Thrills (2014), I started thinking about the evolution of the American dream. We used to dream about working hard and making money. Then we …

Film Poster Crucible of Terror
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The Crucible Of Terror (1970)

Mike Raven’s first starring role was in this exploitation classic. Raven plays Victor Clare, a mad sculptor whose obsession with the occult leads him to …

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Chasing the MacGuffin

Think about the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, the Rabbit’s Foot in Mission: Impossible III, the falcon statue in The Maltese Falcon. What do all these …

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