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If you are a diehard fan of cinema and want to know everything about your favorite indie or documentary movie, then you don’t have to look anywhere else besides Fandor, which has proved to be a veritable treasure trove for those looking to find out more information about movies, scripts, directors, and actors, etc.
We believe that every good movie is an absolute mix of characters, climax, cinematography, script, soundtrack, and plenty of other aspects that hook viewers and get them involved. People feel connected with a movie based on the script, actors, and other things – which is exactly why they also take great interest in knowing more about the movie.
Fandor covers all the hot and old topics every movie buff has been looking for. You can find movies from every genre on Fandor.com, such as:

  • Documentary movies
  • Dramedy movies
  • Kung Fu movies
  • Horror movies
  • Comedy movies

Whether you want to learn about the stars of the movie, the scripts, or the directors, the Fandor blog gives thorough and accurate information about everything you need.
Sometimes we are all eager to know, “What makes this the best documentary film to binge?” Luckily, the Fandor blog offers free access to the information you have been looking for!
You can even read movie reviews and celebrity news on the Fandor blog. So you can stay up to date with all the movie news, reviews, podcasts, interviews, and much more – all in one place!

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“The Bank Job” and Printing the Legend

“Based on a true story.” How many times have you read that sentence during the opening credits of a movie? This past year has been …

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“Macario” is the Essential Day of the Dead Film

Cinema is no stranger to the Day of the Dead. One need look no further than recent animated films like Pixar’s Coco or Guillermo del …

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Horror is at Home in Suburbia

“Which door am I at?” The iconic opening scene of Wes Craven’s Scream, the movie that birthed the ghost-face killer and one of the most successful …

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Can You Guess the Horror Movie?

Much like Halloween candy, there are many different kinds of scary movies out there, and we love them all. If you consider yourself a horror …

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“The Faculty” is Pure 1990s Sci-fi Nostalgia

There are certain movies that fully encapsulate an era, and in 1998’s The Faculty takes everything that you hated (and perhaps, strangely miss) about the late …

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Why You Should Care About The Gotham Awards

You might not know what the Gotham Awards are, but they represent the unofficial start of the Oscars season. And the winners, along with the …

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Phantom Body Horror in Cinema

When you think of “body horror” in the movies, what comes to mind? Cronenberg’s The Fly, or Lynch’s Eraserhead? Maybe Tokyo Gore Police, Ichi the …

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The Hits Keep Coming from NYFF 56

The New York Film Festival is known for its stellar programming of art-house features. The festival curates the top films from other festivals made by …

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The Not-So-Hidden Gems of NYFF 56

The New York Film Festival, in its fifty-sixth year, has done something unique and fascinating with its programming line-up — something that nary any other …

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“District 9” was a Flash of Lightning

Today is National One-Hit Wonder Day, which, is a label typically applied to musicians, but here at Fandor we have a bit of a one-track …

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