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For general audiences, the thrill of horror films is within the fright itself. You could argue; sure, that’s the point of a scary movie, right? However, for a true cinephile of horror, that’s only the beginning.

For us, it’s the understanding of these films that makes them so great — noticing the psychological build-up of suspense, off-screen implication of consequences, or even how a director’s headspace is reflected within their works.

It’s the context of a thriller that makes it truly spooky, and a good movie always rewards that extra mile with hidden gems.

That’s why we made our Horror Movie Content Directory: to give film-lovers that extra bit of context.

This isn’t just horror film analysis, though.

Diverse Horror Content

Our directory includes years of horror-related content, to list a few:

  • Horror movie news
  • Film actor analysis
  • Insider highlights of directors
  • Scary movie blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Funny horror movie blogs

Seriously, if you’re looking for the best horror movie blog website, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re determined to share what makes horror films so enjoyable for us while keeping you entertained in the process. Consider it a gift!

Be sure to check back in for the new best horror movie news to get fresh scoops on your favorite films.

We also have quizzes you can try out… if you dare!

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Film Poster Bride of Re-Animator
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Bride of Re-Animator (1990)

DATE. MATE. RE-ANIMATE. The success of Stuart Gordon’s hit horror-comedy Re-Animator meant that a sequel was all but inevitable. The resulting follow-up, Bride of Re-Animator …

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