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Broken Vows: Stories of Separation | Resource Volume 2 | Legal

John P. Schuman provides information on the legal side of families navigating separation. (Viagra) Justice Robert Spence provides information on the legal side of families …


Five Film Podcasts to Keep on your Radar

by Jake Rubenstein    If you’re a passionate cinephile looking to take a deeper dive into podcasts that discuss the genres and films that you’ve …


Theodore Collatos

The writer/director/producer Theodore Collatos, along with his wife/producer Carolina Monnerat, founded Brokenhorse Films, a production company that creates microbudget films.   Collatos shoots in a raw …

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[SXSW Review] The Pez Outlaw

Magical Troll. Disheveled Loser. Pez God. All eccentric descriptions given to one man: Steve Glew. Glew is a machinist from small-town Michigan. He is a …

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Top Films to Celebrate Black History Month

by Jake Rubenstein    As our celebration for Black History Month continues, Fandor is proud to present five essential films that best highlight Black culture …

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Double Infidelity: Ida Lupino’s The Bigamist (1953)

It would not be inaccurate to describe film noir as a predominantly masculine genre, though it would be an oversimplification. These films feature men, but …


The Roxy Cinema TriBeCa Presents: Ms .45

by Jake Rubenstein  It should come as no surprise that one of our all-time favorite cinematic works amongst the folks here at Fandor is none …


Sherman’s March

By Elias Savada I have just revisited a film I first saw half a lifetime ago. Around the 13,070th day after my birth, I walked …

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The Driller Killer

By Don Stradley   It’s New York in the late 1970s, a time of punk rock and garbage strikes, of Ed Koch and Son of …

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The American Film Institute Celebrates Film Across Time 

By Caroline Madden For over fifty years, the American Film Institute has been one of the most important organizations for the cultivation and preservation of …

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