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When De Palma Met Franz

A seemingly average Joe pervades the earlier films of Brian De Palma: actor Dennis Franz, a Chicago native that has played tough East coast characters …

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Tom Hardy Is Just Getting Started

Tom Hardy belongs to a rare breed of actors. To put it simply, he is the best of both worlds: He has the handsome star …

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The Sounds of Bong Joon-ho

Bong Joon-ho is the second Korean filmmaker, after Park Chan-wook, whose sound was dissected and reassembled in this series. Although Joon-ho’s filmography is considerably less …

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Why We Laugh Part 3

What would Sigmund Freud have thought of the Coen Brothers? If the famous thinker’s psychoanalytic theories are any indication, he’d have loved the renowned filmmaking …

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Strange Scorsese: ‘The Age of Innocence’

Martin Scorsese was first given Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence in 1980, he didn’t crack open the cover and go through its pages until …

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The Versatility and Craft of Oscar Isaac

It’s hard to believe that someone can be as talented as Oscar Isaac in two different fields. The gifted actor has worked with acclaimed filmmakers …

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The Endurance of The Big Lebowski

We know that there are plenty of films that have endured year after year, decade after decade. However, very few films have become more popular …

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‘Basquiat’ For Real

Basquiat tells the story of a young, talented, ambitious black artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and his meteoric rise in the New York art world. The film …

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Language of the Image: Bruno Delbonnel

Amélie kickstarted Audrey Tautou’s career and put director Jean-Pierre Jeunet on the global map, but there’s another name born of that film that you absolutely …

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The Endurance of Dazed & Confused

Alright, alright, alright! Richard Linklater’s 1993 classic, Dazed and Confused, is one of the definitive films of the high school and coming-of-age genres. Despite being …

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