Jacob T. Swinney

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The Endurance of ‘The Dark Knight’

What is the greatest comic book movie of all time? For majority of film-lovers, it would be hard to argue against Christopher Nolan’s The Dark …

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The Pure and Singular Magic of Robin Williams

Watch Robin Williams movies online free!   Robin Williams was one of a kind. His rare energy, purity, and fundamental essence—that “spark of madness,” to …

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The Endurance of ‘The Shining’

There are plenty of films that have stood the test of time, but The Shining has a unique place in cinema history. Just the mere …

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What Happened to Adam Sandler?

Once the poster-boy for gut-busting comedies, Adam Sandler is now the laughingstock of Hollywood filmmaking. How did the same guy behind comedy classics like Billy …

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The Endurance of ‘Die Hard’

Die Hard isn’t just an action movie—it’s the action movie. Very few films have the clout to speak for an entire genre, but Die Hard …

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Joaquin Phoenix Keeps Rising

Joaquin Phoenix has been around for longer than you think. He began as a child actor in films like Space Camp and Ron Howard’s Parenthood. …

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Christian Bale is a Beautiful Chameleon

He may be known by most as Batman, but his time as the “Dark Knight” tends to overshadow the fact that Christian Bale is one …

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Amy Adams Goes All In

It’s hard to believe that the linguistics professor translating aliens in Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival, the con-woman with fluctuating accents in American Hustle, and the troubled …

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SFX Secrets: Frame Rates

Twenty-four images per second. That’s what we see when we watch a movie. Twenty-four individual photos, played back-to-back, at a speed fast enough to create …

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The Curious Career of David Gordon Green

We tend to define filmmakers by their bodies of work: Terrence Malick is an artful filmmaker, Christopher Nolan is a blockbuster filmmaker, Judd Apatow makes …

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