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The New Canon: ‘Carol’

We’re used to the global fandom reserved for those huge “four-quadrant” blockbusters that dominate pop culture discourse. What’s far less common are displays of public …

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Gus Van Sant’s Lost Boys

I don’t know that a filmmaker as unpredictable as Gus Van Sant has a signature “Gus Van Sant film.” How does one compare the Academy …

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I Screen for Ice Cream

I’m not saying it’s the reason that Ronald Reagan was known as “The Great Communicator,” but the fact that the fortieth President of the United …

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The New Canon: ‘Ida’

“Let’s say that I come from a family full of mysteries and contradictions and have lived in one sort of exile or another for most …

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The New Canon: ‘Meek’s Cutoff’

Many of the characters in Kelly Reichardt’s compact and intimate body of work are lost in America. Maybe they’ve lost their emotional moorings, or perhaps …

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The New Canon: ‘City of God’

The city of God famously starts with a chicken making a desperate getaway from a cooking pot. The rapid-fire editing and percussive, intense action set …

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Digging Into ‘The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover’

Peter Greenaway is not an easy filmmaker to get into and, one suspects, that’s just the way he likes it. Given that his films are …

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‘Marie Antoinette’ is a (Post) Modern Revolution

Of all the female characters that populate Sofia Coppola’s films, the obvious stand-in for the director herself is Scarlett Johansson’s Charlotte in Lost in Translation. …

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