David Rodriguez Losada

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The Wide (Angle) World of Wally Pfister

Watch Wally Pfister movies online free! Wally Pfister is an uncompromising cinematographer. He adamantly prefers to shoot on film and is dogged in his need …

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Language of the Image: Yves Bélanger

Canadian cinematographer Yves Bélanger has built a truly interesting body of work through collaboration with his compatriot, director Jean-Marc Vallée. As we can see in …

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The Robert De Niro Syndrome

Robert De Niro needs no introduction. He has played Vito Corleone, Travis Bickle, Jake La Motta, Al Capone, Rupert Pupkin…even Frankenstein’s monster! He has been …

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Are ‘Le Samouraï,’ ‘Drive,’ and ‘The Driver’ the Same Film?

Ready for a thought experiment? Hop on the universe’s interspatial, multi-temporal highway, crank up some Hans Zimmer (or whatever floats your boat), and travel back …

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Language of the Image: Michael Ballhaus

How many filmmakers can say that they helped revive a young Martin Scorsese’s career? German cinematographer, Michael Ballhaus, was among those few; his talents helped …

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Language of the Image: Bruno Delbonnel

Amélie kickstarted Audrey Tautou’s career and put director Jean-Pierre Jeunet on the global map, but there’s another name born of that film that you absolutely …

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Language of the Image: Emmanuel Lubezki

Emmanuel Lubezki is just fifty-three years old and already a living legend. He has won three Oscars and more than one hundred international awards for …

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Luis Buñuel: The Provocateur

The legendary Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel died in Mexico in 1983. Two years before — only two years — his second film was finally released …

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How Many Genres Are There In ‘Kill Bill’?

We at Fandor love categorizing films by genre. Often it’s an easy task — The Searchers is definitely a Western, Singin’ in the Rain is …

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Language of the Image: Robbie Ryan

Robbie Ryan has been shooting since he was fourteen. He’s now forty-eight. That’s thirty-four years behind the camera! His career is not the easiest to …

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