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Christopher Houghton’s Dawn (2014): An impressive Australian film

By Gary M. Kramer The 2014 drama, Dawn (aka Touch)—the debut (and so far, only) feature by Australian writer/director Christopher Houghton—is an impressive little film. …


Pride Month on Fandor

By Gary M. Kramer  June is Pride Month, and what better way to celebrate than by watching LGBTQ+ films?! The silver screen can be a …


[Review] Guy Maddin’s Keyhole (2011)

By Gary M. Kramer  Guy Maddin’s distinctive brand of cinema is so gleefully imaginative that fans of this cult filmmaker can become drunk with giddiness …


Theodore Collatos

The writer/director/producer Theodore Collatos, along with his wife/producer Carolina Monnerat, founded Brokenhorse Films, a production company that creates microbudget films.   Collatos shoots in a raw …

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