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Blow Doesn’t Judge the Life of George Jung

Directed by Ted Demme, Blow dramatizes the life of George Jung, a young man from Massachusetts who would make and lose 100 million dollars before …

Moon Rock for Monday

‘Moon Rock for Monday’ Is a Different Kind of Road Movie

From writer-director Kurt Martin, Moon Rock for Monday is a fresh mix of the road, coming of age, and criminals on the run genres. Martin …


Heavy Petting Shows How Teen Life Has Changed — And Stayed the Same

By Caroline Madden  Heavy Petting is a 1989 concise and peppy documentary from producer-director Obie Benz and co-director Joshua Waletzky that interviews celebrities about their …


Women in Film: Lynne Sachs

Interview by Caroline Madden  Lynne Sachs is one of our most dynamic filmmakers and poets. Her captivating work is a medley of documentaries, essay films, …


A Girl Like Her is a New Look at Bullying

By Caroline Madden Stories about bullying are typically told through hard-hitting documentaries or tear-jerking dramas; Amy S. Weber’s A Girl Like Her combines both genres …


The River Advocates Change for People Without Homes

Homelessness is a widespread social problem that many choose to ignore. The River, a new documentary from Rick Walters, faces the issue head-on in an …

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The American Film Institute Celebrates Film Across Time 

By Caroline Madden For over fifty years, the American Film Institute has been one of the most important organizations for the cultivation and preservation of …

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6 Movie Characters that are Constantly Re-Cast

With Hollywood’s endless array of remakes and reboots, different actors are often given the opportunity to the play same role. Any good actor will bring …

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Alfonso Cuarón Turns Back the Clock to Make “Roma”

In his most personal film to date, Alfonso Cuarón draws from his childhood in 1970s Mexico City to craft a gorgeous neorealist drama. The story …

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The Hits Keep Coming from NYFF 56

The New York Film Festival is known for its stellar programming of art-house features. The festival curates the top films from other festivals made by …

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