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Five Film Podcasts to Keep on your Radar

by Jake Rubenstein    If you’re a passionate cinephile looking to take a deeper dive into podcasts that discuss the genres and films that you’ve …

Roger Ebert statue outside the Virginia Theather
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Ebertfest 2022: The Triumphant Return

The night is overcast and drizzly while a midwest chill permeates the air, promising a few more nights by the fire until spring finally arrives. …



by Jake Rubenstein   Founded on January 4, 2004, by Joseph A. Ziemba, BLEEDING SKULL! has since grown to become the premier destination for those who …


Fandor Focus: American Genre Film Archive (AGFA)

by Jake Rubenstein  Formed in 2009, the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) is a non-profit foundation based out of Austin, Texas. Originally founded to archive …


Fandor Focus: Takashi Miike

by Jake Rubenstein  When it comes to Japanese filmmaking, many credit the works of Akira Kurosawa, Yasujirō Ozu, and Nagisa Ōshima for popularizing cinematic excellence …


Fandor Focus: Giallo Films

by Jake Rubenstein  Often considered some of the most treasured films to ever grace the horror genre, giallo films have grown to be the historic …

Marc Shaffer, Documentary Filmmaker, Investigative Reporter
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Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 49: Marc Shaffer, Documentary Filmmaker, Investigative Reporter, & Founder of Inside Out Media

The team sits down with Marc Shaffer, Documentary Filmmaker, Investigative Reporter, and Founder of Inside Out Media.   Marc Shaffer’s latest film is Exposing Muybridge, …

FocusWatch Thriller Movies on Fandor.com and Relief All Your Stress

Fandor Focus: Women Directors

by Jake Rubenstein   As this month’s celebration of women in film continues, we’ll be shifting the focus to women filmmakers that serve as the true …


WATCH – aka Tommy Chong

Documentary about Tommy Chong’s federal prosecution under the Bush administration for selling bongs over the Internet.

One Word poster

WATCH – One Word

This vivid and highly charged documentary about the impacts of climate change was developed and filmed alongside the people of the Marshall Islands.

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