October 8, 2021

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Language of the Image: Yves Bélanger

Canadian cinematographer Yves Bélanger has built a truly interesting body of work through collaboration with his compatriot, director Jean-Marc Vallée. As we can see in …

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Designing Emotion: Velvet Goldmine

Throughout the centuries, art has established visual symbols still accepted and recognized today. Cinema often creates its own symbols by giving them meaning and connecting …

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What Happened to Adam Sandler?

Once the poster-boy for gut-busting comedies, Adam Sandler is now the laughingstock of Hollywood filmmaking. How did the same guy behind comedy classics like Billy …

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The Endurance of ‘Die Hard’

Die Hard isn’t just an action movie—it’s the action movie. Very few films have the clout to speak for an entire genre, but Die Hard …

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The Worst Film Ingmar Bergman Ever Made

Swedish multi-hyphenate filmmaker Ingmar Bergman is a truly great example of a director who can match his psychological insights with captivating visuals, and he’s also …

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Joaquin Phoenix Keeps Rising

Joaquin Phoenix has been around for longer than you think. He began as a child actor in films like Space Camp and Ron Howard’s Parenthood. …

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Christian Bale is a Beautiful Chameleon

He may be known by most as Batman, but his time as the “Dark Knight” tends to overshadow the fact that Christian Bale is one …

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I Screen for Ice Cream

I’m not saying it’s the reason that Ronald Reagan was known as “The Great Communicator,” but the fact that the fortieth President of the United …

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